EYN#017 - Patience Is A Virtue Or Are You Insane?

Jan 09, 2024

Read Time: 4 mins

I find it hard to know when to persevere, trusting that results will come, and when I need to change things up. 


I see quotes like this …


It's all about grit, determination and perseverance. 


But then see quotes like this …



It’s hard to know when you need to be patient and persistent, and when you need to do something differently.


Your perseverance could be your insanity. 


So I sat down with a pen and paper and thought through a process flow to help me navigate this topic.  Here it is.  Start at "Are You Passionate About This Topic".


Let's walk through the flow together


Are You Passionate About This Topic?

If you're not passionate about the thing or the outcome, your "force of will" will only last so long. 


Have the courage to change. If you're not passionate about it, have the courage to do something else.


Do You Need To Change Results?

Sometimes the results are good.  We're constantly told things need to be better, faster, more efficient, different.  Sometimes they're great the way they are.  Have the courage to say I don't need to change.  Then persevere with what you're doing.  There is a lot of hype in our world.


That doesn't mean results will always be OK.  But sometimes you need to make a conscious decision to keep doing what you're doing.



Do You Know What To Do Differently?

If you don't know what you need to do, you need to learn.  You need to research the way forward, speak to experts, have conversations with your network.  Ultimately you need to find a way forward.  It might not be the final answer, but it's the best approach you can come up with.


Don't be scared to ask for help.


Do You Want To Do The Thing Differently?

Sometimes you research the way to do something, and realise that's not what you want to do.  Have the courage to say, that's not what I want to do.  Do something you're passionate about.


Let's Go


  • Create A Plan - Create clarity and structure on what you're gonna do.  Turn all your research into something solid.
  • Execute It  - Now you need to do it.  A great plan on it's own is useless
  • Measure It -This can be hard.  How do you know the plan is working.  You need a way to monitor progress.
  • Commit To It -You need to commit to the plan for a period of time.  Don't give up on Day 1.  Maybe it needs a 30/90/180 day trial.
  • Grit -Keep going.  When it's boring.  When it's cold and rainy outside.  When it feels your stuck.  If you're still in the period of time you committed to, keep going.  Most things of value take time.


It All Begins Again

Yay, it's time to reassess and do it all again.  Life never stays still.


Well there we go.  I found this quite useful to help me think about things.


Let me know how I could improve the flow.


Hope this helps.



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