Technical Storytelling Essentials


This course will help you deliver excellent presentations in-person, on screen and in hybrid meetings. Built by people in the tech world to help people in tech world thrive.

Raise your Technical Storytelling game, increase your impact and accelerate your career.


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Why take this course?


Increase Your Impact


Have a greater impact on the things you care about.

Lead People


Lead others to success. Have people listen to and act on your opinion.

Bring Complex Ideas to Life


Make them simple and engaging.

Accelerate Your Career


Get the jobs you want and be successful in them.

Get Instant Access Now for £97

What's in the course?

Video Lessons


  • 24 high quality lessons.
  • Over 100 minutes of¬†practical advice, frameworks and tips.

Practical Exercises

  • 14 Practical Exercises.
  • Put the theory into practice with guided¬†exercises.



  • End of module quizzes.
  • Test your knowledge and make sure you're learning.



  • Private community.
  • Ask questions.
  • Request feedback.

What's covered in the course?




  • How to understand your audience and wow them.
  • How to modify content for technical and business audiences.
  • How to ensure your communication is memorable, retained and drives action.




  • How to build a great structure
  • Deciding what to and what not to say.
  • How to build great visual aids.
  • How to build memorable demos





  • How to be authentic with skill.
  • Dealing with Nerves.
  • Building a high performance mindset.





  • Deliver excellent in-person presentations.
  • Present amazingly in video conferences.
  • Thrive in Hybrid in-person AND digital presentations.



Get Instant Access Now for £97

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Get Instant Access Now for £97