EYN#014 - Learning will get you nowhere! Unless …

Dec 12, 2023

Read Time: 2 mins

Learning will get you nowhere!   Unless ……


I love to read books.  I love to learn from video.  I love to learn and get better at things.


Earlier in my career I used to read so many books.  Books on career development, books on technology, books on business.

I'd mentally exclaim "Well I never" as I Iearnt something amazing. 


The problem was that I learnt so much but never put it into practice.  It went it one ear and straight out the other.  I started to realise I wasn't really benefitting from just reading and watching.


So tried a different approach: 


  • Focus - Pick some topics that were important to me.
  • Learn - Learn the theory.
  • Practice - Actually apply the learning.


Less topics, less books, less videos.

More focus, more practice, more execution.


So how did I do it:


  • Prioritise the topics to learn.
  • Find some authors/coaches/creators that resonated with me.
  • Read that book/watched the videos
  • Put the learning into practice
  • Learnt way more from actually doing it.
  • Failed, course corrected and learnt more.


Learning will get you nowhere, unless …

you put into practice the things you've learnt.




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