EYN#015 - 2023 Wrapped

Dec 29, 2023

Read Time: 1 min


Well that's 2023 done and what a year it has been.  Thanks for following along and I hope you've found my content useful.


To wrap up the year here's a few things I'd love to share:


  • New Year New Things To Learn - To celebrate the start of 2024 there is a 20% discount on the Technical Storytelling Essentials digital course.    It's only £77.60.  Voucher Code:  NEWYEAR.  Code valid until Jan 13th 2024. 


  • Podcast Renamed to Tech World Human Skills -  On December 18th our "Elevated You" podcast will be renamed to the "Tech World Human Skills" podcast.  There was another podcast with the same name and they got there first so I decided to rename it.


  • BenP Wrapped  2023 -  I posted a list of the 7 top people I have learned from this year.  They might be useful folks for you too.  Check out my post on LinkedIn.


  • How To Build A Great Team - The latest podcast is a great episode with Vicky Reddington on How To Build A Great Team.  It's a great listen with loads of things to learn.  Enjoy.


It's been a great year so thanks for following me on the journey.  It'll soon be a New Year.  New Year, New Things To Learn.


Before then, I hope you get some time to relax and recover.


Happy Holidays